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We provide the usual format for a genealogy research page, but what we hope to mainly accomplish here is to provide
genealogy information that directs the researcher specifically to the Gallo name.

Genealogy research usually hits a "brick wall" above the great great grandparent level. Beyond that point we are talking
history. So we also attempt to build the Gallo Family history beyond the year 1865. Here we need your help. At first we will
accept any and all scraps of Gallo history and post them here in their raw form. After that...who knows...someone out
there with writing scholarship can put it all together in an authoritative story form. Disclosure: We take what you give
us and work with it. If we are to have any credibility, please furnish sources whenever you can.

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The Gallo Family History (Prior to year 1900)

50 BC - 600 The Roman Period More Information
circa 600 Saint Gall (GALLO)
circa 1281  *Gallo, Archbishop of Caliari, Italy 
circa 1490 Jacovo Gallo, Secret Vatican Archives The Archives Document
This person is probably the same Jacopo Gallo, wealthy Roman banker, who was the agent and guarantor for Michaelangelo (David & The Pieta). Another famous statue by Michaelangelo, Bachas, was commissioned by Jacopo Gallo.
1499-1570 Agostino Gallo  Agronomist (Brescia, Italy) This Gallo "wrote the book," literally, on the making of wine. He also gave shelter to a "Angela Merici" who later became St. Angela.
circa 1499 Antonio Gallo, Genovese Merchant  Wrote "de navigatione columbi," a first hand narrative about Christopher Columbus. Discovered and published in 1733 in the "prestigious Rerm Italicarum Scriptories" by Ludovico Antonio Muratori, a Modenese Catholic priest. 
circa 1561  Gaspar Gallo  Silversmith (Spain) 
1566 Dioniso Gallo, flamboyant French preacher
1643  Father Gioachino Gallo  Father Jose' de Calasanz was the founder of the Piarist Order of Priests. He later was honored as the Patron of Catholic Schools. During May 1642, he wrote in letters between contemoraries, that a Fr. Gioachino Gallo, headmaster in a tiny school at Bisignano, had been frequently accused of "wicked practices with a youth." Source: Fallen Order, Intrigue, Heresy, and Scandal in the Rome of Galileo and Caravaggio, by Karen Liebreich, Grove Press, New York, 2004.
1690-1757  Nicolas Gallo  Cleric & Jurist (Spain) 
1698 Luis Gallo, "Sangre Judia", "Jewish Blood" More Information
1672 - 1750 Francesco Gallo, Architect  Famous work - see Vicoforte Santuary, Mondovi, Italy 
1715 - 1791 Santa Maria Francesca Gallo, "Stigmatic" 
1792-?  Andres Maria Gallo  Bishop (Spain) 



1721 - 1801


Cardinal Muzio Gallo

Born April 14, 1721, Osimo. Education. Pontifical Academy of Ecclesiastical Nobles, 1743; La Sapienza University, Rome (doctorate in utroque iure, both canon and civil law). Elected bishop of Viterbo e Toscanella, February 14, 1785. Consecrated, April 17, 1785, Rome, by Cardinal Francesco Saverio de Zelada. Did not participate in the conclave of 1799-1800. Died December 13, 1801, at 10 a.m., Viterbo. Exposed and buried in the cathedral of Viterbo.
1832-?  Pedro Leon Gallo  Statesman (Spain) 
1805 - 1860 New Orleans, Louisiana Period More Information
1860 - 1865 United States Civil War Period Civil War Page
1899 - 1934 Venerable Anthony Vincent Gallo
April 19, 1990, His Holiness John Paul 11, issued the decree which proclaimed Father Anthony Vincent Gallo as, “VENERABLE.”

Specific Gallo Family sites

The Pasquale Gallo Family of Dugenta, Italy - starting in 1774

The Gallo Family of Ustica (1825 up) -
The Gallo Family (of Ustica) in America (1849 up) -

These references have gone "dead." If you know why, let us know.
Guiseppe Gallo Family, 1700's to today -
The Gallo Family of Calabria (Catanzaro) who migrated to Argentina (1762 up) -

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