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Mission Statement

We live in a present day world of overwhelming self-interest that has caused a moral breakdown within our families, church, and schools. This can be reversed.

The Gallo World Family Foundation is the creation of a son of an imigrant family located in both America and Italy. This foundation attempts to bring back the spirit of familial love that existed within Italian imigrant communities that our founder knew as a child, and a spirit by which he lives today.

Help us identify with others who share this aim in family life.

Almost 40 years ago, Father James Keller, Director, The Christophers (better to light one candle, than curse the darkness) wrote an essay titled, "Love or be Destroyed." He asserted that each of us has the power to "put love where there is no love." We are family!

Our primary mission is to renew, promote, and protect the heritage and Judea/Christian culture of the Gallo world family. The Patron Saint of the foundation is Santa Maria Francesca Gallo (of the Five Wounds of Christ). The foundation seeks to support Judea/Christian religious leaders and increase religious vocations No donations in support of the foundation's Santa Maria Francesco Gallo Fund are accepted unless specifically indicated by the donor.

We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan, worldwide membership organization.

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